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Hi, my name's Lacey.  In case you are interested, here's a few fun facts about me:
I'm 30. When did this happen?!

I'm a mama to two littles: Landon and Claire. And a pup named Ripley.

iIm addicted to reality tv. Like totally and completely addicted.  I love anything and everything Kardashian, all of the Teen Mom shows, Project Runway, The Voice, etc.

I prefer Pepsi over Coke.  I had a strong love affair with Coke a few years ago but I jumped back on the Pepsi bandwagon.  (Pepsi made with real sugar, that is.)

I try to visit Las Vegas every year.  It really is my favorite place.

I have an older brother that passed away when I was 17, a younger sister and a baby brother.  I guess 23 doesn't really count as a baby anymore though.

I am the worst at thank you cards.

Shoofly pie with frozen cool whip is my favorite dessert.  My dad's apple pie and my husband's homemade chocolate chip cookies are tied for second.

I hate doing dishes but love to iron.  My husband hates ironing but loves doing dishes.  We were made for each other.

Anything shellfish grosses me out.  And calamari.

I enjoy a video game here or there.  My favorites are the Final Fantasy franchise, the Fable franchise, almost anything Nintendo, Sims franchise and more recently Stardew Valley.

Makeup has kind of become my newest obsession.  Watching beauty vloggers put on makeup is pretty amazing/relaxing.  Too bad my wallet is paying the price, hah!

My family is my life.

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