11.02.16 | HALLOWEEN 2016

 ^^do you see that big smile up there?! he got to be line leader for the Halloween class serpentine at his school. he was beyond thrilled, obviously.
Halloween was pretty epic this year! IT DIDN'T RAIN!!!  Claire had her class party the prior week because she doesn't go to school on Mondays but Landon's party was on Halloween.  He was so excited to get to dress up AT SCHOOL and participate in the class party!  While he was at school, Claire and I visited Justin at work, Grandma Dorothy at work and we even stopped by my old work, to trick-or-treat.  She didn't say a single word anywhere that we stopped, nor did she really smile at all, but she did have a good time doing it. 

That evening, we stopped by my mom and step-dad's for the first trick-or-treat of the night.  Claire was in a bad mood and absolutely refused to get her costume on, or even trick-or-treat from them.  Unfortunately she didn't get her full-size box of m&m's but that's what happens when you aren't going to participate.

After that stop, we went to dinner with my dad.  After filling her belly, Claire was willing to put her costume back on and get some candy.  As you can see from the picture below, Landon got his face tattoos but Claire didn't want hers on.  I wasn't going to push it seeing as how just putting on her costume was a struggle so she went bare-faced.  We stopped at two different aunt/uncle's houses and then met Justin's parents back at our house to trick-or-treat our neighborhood.  The kids ended up with tons of candy!  It was crazy!
 ^^they each got to choose one piece of candy to eat after we got back.  landon chose a twizzler and claire chose a york peppermint patty.
^^this was taken right before claire's school party. 

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