Continuing with the theme from last week, these are all items from my Amazon wish list.  I'm still pretty obsessed with coloring/drawing/lettering but I've also been getting back into reading more.  I've always been against Kindles, solely because I like the feel of having an actual book to hold and how pretty they look my bookshelf once I finish reading them, but lately I've been wondering if I should just bite the bullet and get one?  I mean, it would be handy for trips.  And it'd be a lot quicker to buy a book, I wouldn't have to get ready and go to the store! 
one // I love these Thomas Kinkade paintings of classic Disney characters in puzzle form!
two // the original Amazon Kindle.  (It was on sale last week, I should have snagged it.)
three // Chameleon Color Tones Blend Pens
&four // Pattern Play coloring book by Tara Larson Nearents

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