in august, we also went to one of my very favorite things to do in summer - the state fair! last year we went with my sister courtney and her boyfriend charlie, but this year my dad came with us. well, i guess we actually went with him because he drove and bought our entrance. although, he got lucky because we went on the first day and got there pretty early and apparently our tickets were only $.50 a piece! you better believe we're going every year on the first day from now on. 

so, we had a good 'ole time. landon rode his first roller coaster (which about gave me a heart attack because i'm that mom) and looked straight up terrified the first time around the track but loosened up after that. claire was still too short to ride any actual rides this year, bummer! next year baby girl, next year. she did get to play a fishing game though and won a huge stuffed snake. that snake will be the death of me, i tell ya. and the kids both got to ride a pony so that was flipping adorable!

now, y'all know how i love me some hot weather - summer is my favorite, but we were ill-prepared for this little excursion. all the weather apps indicated some humidity, but not too much, it wasn't going to get too terribly hot because the sun wasn't going to be out at all and there might even be a slight chance of rain. that didn't happen. it was blazing hot. the sun was blaring down on us the entire time. i wore jeans (because i'm an IDIOT) and ankle booties and holy crap, i thought i was going to die. i'm just happy i put my hair up in milkmaid braids because i probably would have cut it all off if i had worn it down that day. no joke, i was drenched in sweat by the time we left for home. lovely picture i'm painting for you, right?!

despite the fact that we were all pretty miserable, we had a really good time. i can't wait for next year!

^^don't let claire's face fool you, she was thoroughly enjoying that strawberry lemonade. she did NOT want to share it with anyone. landon and i both got a snow cone, in honor of uncle charlie. c;

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