ok so october! at the beginning of october, all of my dad's sisters and their spouses, and my grandma's sister and her husband, came to visit from all over the place for a little mini-reunion. i love it so much whenever any of my aunts visit but having them all here at the same time is just wonderful. i feel happiest when i am with my family and i am so incredibly grateful for each and every relationship i have with them. i've got the best aunts around (and uncles!), don't let anyone tell you differently! c;

we all got together several times to eat with my grandma, who is in a nursing home and isn't quite well enough to go out places so we all come to here, had a big get together out at my dad's house for bbq chicken, corn on the cob, apple salad and great conversation. they all went out to the coast for a couple of nights and on their last day there, i decided to drive myself and the kids out to meet them for lunch at the chowder bowl and a little play time on the beach with grandpa dave. i really wish that a visit to the coast didn't entail beanies, warm jackets, long pants and rain boots. wouldn't it be lovely to just go play on the beach and actually be able to touch the water without freezing?! i know i'd love it.

anyway, the reunion was a great start to our october! the last two pictures are just of my kiddos who obviously didn't get enough sleep the night before one of these nights we visited family, hah!

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