on to september! so, you already know that justin and i went on a tiny vacay to vegas in september but what you may not know is we also had a weekend getaway to eagle crest with justin's side of the family to celebrate my mother-in-law's birthday. we rented a cabin for the weekend and it was so cozy there (the master bath had a large soaker tub and i definitely soaked the first night). we made the mistake of trying to get claire and landon to sleep in the same room together, in bunk beds. at one point when telling claire she needed to go to sleep in her big bed, landon said to me "mom, claire is being a bad girl and i just wanna sleep. she's too loud."  so the first night i was up with claire FOREVER just trying to get her to go to sleep in bed with me after we realized the bunk beds were a disaster. by the next night we had it figured out, thankfully. 

we took  our time getting ready on saturday morning and then ventured to the south side of bend to visit the high desert museum. if you're ever in bend and you haven't been before (even if you have), you need to go. i think it's awesome. they've got an otter exhibit, porcupines, a desert cat of some sort (i know, i'm horrible), they had a raccoon the time before but sadly she had passed by this visit, birds of prey (like bald eagles!!), owls, horses, and tons of little squirrels running free all over the place. i just find it fascinating. throughout the day they do little presentations and we sat in on one about snakes. landon and i even got to touch one of them! they have a huge play area outside for kids, a fun play area inside, a rotating exhibit, a native american exhibit, and just a bunch of fun, interesting things. gosh, i can't say enough good things about it. so please, do yourself a favor and visit!

 the next morning we had to leave so packing everything up and getting out on time is always a chore, i feel. we did it though and even managed to have time for the kids to have a dip in the kiddie pool before we left. we drove into bend for lunch before we decided to head home for the day. when our little family went to bend earlier in the summer for justin's work, we ate at a yummy pizza place, pacific pizza and brew, so i suggested we eat there again this trip. again, it didn't disappoint.  we've only eaten the combo pizza but golly, i'd order it again in a heartbeat. if you aren't in the mood for pizza, i'd suggest the cobb salad. it has smoked steelhead and chicken and i promise, you won't regret it (if you like smoked fish, that is).

let me tell ya, i'm liking bend more and more every time we visit. 
^^this was the morning after claire stayed up 'til midnight or so the night before. i had to tae a picture of it. c;

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