09.28.15 | REST

we just got back from spending three days in vegas and boy do i love it there. justin asked me if i thought i'd love it as much as i do if we lived there and honestly, i'm not sure. i think what i like the most about it is how it's such a departure from my everyday. i mean, if we lived in vegas we obviously wouldn't live on the strip. i mean, how could you?! but we'd still be living there and it just wouldn't be the same. there'd be no point to staying at a fancy hotel because you're already living there and can just drive to those fancy restaurants/shopping centers for a bit and then head home. but really, who knows. maybe if we did move there i would love it just the same. 

we only spent two nights this time, which was one night shorter than i think i would have liked, but all in all it was a great trip. one day we spent about four to five hours at the pool alone! now that's what i call vacation. it's definitely how i'm spending my vacations from now on. no hustling around to get somewhere, sleeping in and lounging by the pool is my idea of perfection. 

the weather was PERFECT. sure it was hot, but i'd rather be hot than cold (i despise cold weather), and all the hotels are air conditioned so it's not like you're out in the heat all day. unless you're at the pool- but so long as you're in the water or get lucky and have a lounge chair in the shade then it's not bad. we ate some bomb-ass food, drank the perfect margarita, slept in and tried absinthe. 

this trip was amazing. and i can't wait for our next one.

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