07.16.15 | TWO YEARS

this little turkey turned two yesterday. TWO. can you believe it?! yeah, me neither. we had a pretty great day, eating donuts for breakfast, spending some time at the play are in the mall, doing some shopping, meeting daddy for lunch and then having pizza for dinner. which, by the way, is one of her favorite things. she'll almost never turn down pizza. oh, and the birthday fairies came last night to decorate her door, just like big brother's earlier this year. c;

i started to upload these pictures yesterday and had plans of writing a really awesome, lengthy little diddy about my baby girl. and then life got in the way (read: landon and him refusing to use the restroom when he was told) and i just never got around to doing anything with it. 

so, i finished choosing some pictures today and i don't know, i guess i just don't feel the need to write a big long post today? i mean, we all know how precious and darling and smart and talkative and cute and cheeky and ornery this little lady can be, so why do i need to write a blog post about that, too? 

anyway, we sure do love her and feel blessed to have her in our lives every day. it's been a pretty great two years, baby girl. her's to many, many more.
and in case you forgot just how small she was two years ago:
all the heart-eyes guys, all the heart-eyes. 

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