06.25.15 | STILL HERE

don't worry, we're still alive. still doing the same 'ole thing. living life to the fullest!

we're totally enjoying the AMAZING WEATHER OREGON HAS BEEN HAVING. i know some people like living in oregon because of the mild summers but goodness gracious, i live for these long, hot days. truth be told, i'd be fine with cooler days as well, so long as the sun was out to play. i really just need the sun, that's all. and oregon kinda isn't the best place for that soooooo, yeah.

the kids really enjoy the hot weather tho. we bought a little splash pad thingy for the summer and it's awesome. we've been getting up early, spending a lot of time outside and the eating of popsicles has started (landon's obsessed). 

we're looking forward to fourth of july plans with friends, claire turns two in just a couple of weeks (ACK! i haven't planned anything really, and that's kinda stressing me out), we've got a little getaway to bend coming up in august, justin's been taking on some extra work stuff lately, landon starts preschool in september as well as justin and i taking off for a couple of nights to our favorite place: vegas! sippin' drinks poolside is my jam, people. this summer sure started off right, and it's looking like it's gonna end right, too. 

now to get back to my regular scheduled day, which is currently making food for kids that a). don't appreciate the effort/time i put into it, b). complain that they don't get to have a popsicle/candy/fruit snacks with lunch, c). never stay seated at the table , and d). fight over their cups/plates/silverware choices. it's FUN being a parent, right?!

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