05.11.15 | MOTHER'S DAY

these kids of mine, they fill my heart with so much joy. for all the crazy, messy, frustrating, hard days, there are so many more days of laughter and giggles, hugs and kisses, cuddles and love and growth. just as they are growing up every day, so am i, as their mama. 

i feel so blessed to be given this life and these little ones in it, to nurture them and teach them and love them the best that i can. 

and now i'm crying, thinking about how precious life is and how we get such a short amount of time here on this earth. i'm forever grateful to my Heavenly Father, for when i do leave this earth, i know i will be with my babies again. it's such a wonderful feeling, to have that knowledge. 

i hope you all had a wonderful mother's day with your children, in whatever form that may be. 

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