04.27.15 | SUNSHINE

we've been having some crappy weather as of late and then today we were surprised with a full day of sunshine! warm, warm weather with the sun shining down on us and the slightest of breezes, it was amazing. we spent our morning slowly getting ready, waiting for it to warm up a bit, and then we spent pretty much the rest of our day outside. we went on a walk, played out front doing chalk, riding bikes and just enjoying being out of the house. it's days like today that make me not want to move away from oregon. 

landon got a balance bike for his birthday this year and he requests to ride it at least once a day. he was so excited that it was nice enough today to be able to use it. he does amazing with it and it's so much fun watching him get so excited about it. claire is showing an interest in the tricycles we have and seems to understand the concept of pedaling but she ends up pushing it around more than anything. 

keep the sun shining, oregon!

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