04.20.15 | FOUR

 streamers and balloons hanging on his door, from the birthday fairies the night before

last week, my little guy turned four. FOUR. how is that even possible? i know, every parent says that but you know what? i don't care. it's so weird to think that four years ago we were spending our days and nights in the hospital waiting for the day that we could take our little boy home. and now we're spending our days and nights in awe of how sweet and precious he can be, and at the same time, how frustrating he can be. but really, he's kind of the best. you know what he said to me last week, on his birthday? "mom, i'm four now. and four-year-olds listen to their mommies and daddies." uhm, wow! and you know what else? since then, if he's upset about something i've asked him to do or he's just not listening, i remind him that he told me that and IT WORKS. he is listening so much better lately. 

yesterday as i was picking something up from a friend, justin and the kids were waiting for me in the car. justin asked landon if he had been having a good day so far and landon replied "yeah, i'm so glad i'm growing up! but dad, mom doesn't want me to grow up." i mean, c'mon. how freaking precious is that?!

so on his birthday we planted some flowers, went to lunch with justin at landon's favorite little sandwich shop, visited the gilbert house for a bit and then picked justin up after work so that we could go to red robin and have the servers sing happy birthday to landon. which he loved, by the way, and he also ate the entire ice cream sundae they brought him. 

a few other things worth noting: claire is talking more and more these days. her favorite thing to say? daddy. she's seriously obsessed with him. she's also pretty obsessed with her stuffed animals, which is adorable. landon got a bunch of new toys last weekend from all of the lovely people that came to his party to celebrate him and has been playing with them non-stop. i'm in the thick of preparing for my sister's bridal shower, which is this weekend, and man i've got so much stuff to do still! and to top it off, i woke up this morning unable to move my neck without complete pain shooting down to the middle of my back. so that's fun. it's the last nice day of the week before the rain and clouds come back and i'm stuck on the couch/bed. my poor kids! i'm just hoping i'm back to normal by tomorrow so we can go to our mops group in the morning! 

i used to write letters to my kids here on the blog
but i'm not sure i'm going to continue that any longer. 
i've got notebooks for each of them that i write into
and i think i'm just going to do that instead - keep their letters
private for them. i think it makes it more special? 

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