i haven't taken any pictures lately, at all, and so, because i'm dreaming of sun, i'm posting this one. even though it has nothing to do with this post.

ok. in my mind there are two kinds of parents: the ones that let their kids play with play-doh and the ones that don't. i was lucky enough to be given the kind that let me have play-doh and do whatever i wanted with it. now, i enjoyed the crap out of my play-doh, even though i was one of those kids that never mixed up the colors or anything so my creations all looked like one big blob when i was done with them but whatever. 

now after having landon, we got him some play-doh for his first easter, along with a jesus loves me book, an easter teddy dressed as a bunny and some outside chalk. i was very excited and couldn't wait for him to be old enough to actually play with it and not just want to eat the stuff. when the day finally came, i was so insanely happy. and then just like that, i wasn't.

you see, me being the kid that didn't like to mix colors together doesn't translate very well into a mom that lets her kid play freely with play-doh. and that totally sucks for my kids. landon's first experience basically consisted of him choosing a color, playing with it for a couple minutes, and then putting it away so he could choose a different color. not fair, right?! he'll ask to play with the stuff pretty regularly and usually, i just don't want to deal with it so i tell him maybe later. and then he forgets about it and i forget about it and another day goes by without pulling out the play-doh. and that's been okay with me up until a bit ago.

i mean, who cares if play-do gets mixed up or dried out or all over stuff? i do, waaaaay too much. i keep trying though! and i'm getting better at it every single time he asks for it. today claire got to try it for the first time. she only tried to eat it a couple of times and did really well with it. i even let them play with more than one color at once, and i wasn't freaking out about it! maybe i'm just to the point where so long as the kids aren't screaming at each other or crying or fighting over something, anything will do? or maybe i'm finally getting to the point where something so small as play-doh, which can be replaced pretty easily, doesn't bother me anymore? whatever it is, it's pretty exciting. plus now that i know they can play with it a bit without me observing them 100% it'll give me a few minutes of that much-needed alone time to just sit. so it's a good thing, right?

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