01.23.15 | ON MY MIND

 she asked for a picture but then refused to stay still. 

hi again! how is everyone? trying to stay happy and energized even though the weather is horrible and grey and just plain awful? yeah, me too. 

claire just had her 18-month check-up and she weighs 24lbs! her doctor wants us to get rid of her pacifiers though. that's gonna be tough. it's definitely her favorite thing and she thinks she needs it to sleep. we are in for some sleepless nights, i think. hopefully it'll be a couple days and she'll have it figured out. also, i've been super bad and still letting her drink from a bottle. so that needs to stop. she has no idea what's coming. eep!

i've been weeding through all of the kids' toys lately, trying to sell them on a fb garage sale site and man, it's really been difficult on me. i mean, i don't want any more kids, really i don't. but the thought of getting rid of all of their baby toys and their bottles and basically everything else that they have no need/use for is kinda sad. why do kids have to grow up so quickly?! 

speaking of growing up, we took landon to see disney jr. live last weekend in portland! it was so cute. he really enjoyed seeing jake and princess sophia and mickey and minnie mouse. his favorite part was clapping after each scene ended. gosh, seeing him sit in a big boy chair all by himself was just a little heart-breaking, if you know what i mean.

i'm on the hunt for a reasonably priced loveseat for our living room to match our current sofa. it's so difficult! i don't want the same style/color as our sofa, i just want it to compliment it. easier said than done! i just need sarah richardson to come to my house, design every room, and have it be free. wouldn't that be nice?!

and with that, i'm being summoned by my children. i leave you with a picture of landon that i found on my phone, apparently making his first "duck face". this kid, i tell ya. c;

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