01.15.15 | DREAMING..

a praiano print by gray malin

lately i've been dreaming of getting out of oregon. not necessarily anywhere fancy. just somewhere where the sun is out most of the year, which inevitably means somewhere warm. i am definitely one of those people that is affected by grey days during the winter and oregon probably isn't the best place for me to live because of that but i do and that's not going to change any time soon. 

one of my cousins from pennsylvania had some work over here and she was able to visit us last night and the night before. it was so great catching up with her. we haven't seen her in five years! anyway, over the course of our conversations we realized that we're pretty similar in that we both are always thinking about the next thing. the next thing to buy, place to move to, where to vacation, etc. i am guilty of looking up properties on zillow almost every day! we'll probably never move because justin's job is so wonderful and the school(s) our kids will attend are pretty great and both of our immediate families are here, yada yada yada, but it's fun to dream! 

i also like to torture myself by keeping las vegas and arizona on my weather app. i mean, who does this?! apparently my cousin! she keeps sarasota on hers, but she has a better excuse as her brother and his family live there. but it's only slightly better. c; we're both a little crazy i guess. like right now, vegas' highs for the week are in the high 60's with lots of sun! and phoenix is in the mid-high 70's! perfection, i tell ya. 

i don't know. i've got the itch to get out of here i guess! the next vacation we have tentatively planned is for vegas at the end of august with some friends. (i know, i know. we go to vegas all the time!) maybe we'll get some nice sunny days between now and april. fingers crossed.

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