a few blurry iphone pictures as of late

can you believe it's already christmas?! i know, i feel like everyone says that at this time of year too, but whatever. it's the truth! 

so we've been busy. christmas storybook land, shopping, baking sweet treats, cinnamon dough ornament-making, lots of painting and play-do, present wrapping and more shopping, binge-listening to serial (oh my gosh, have you?!), watching rudolph and the island of misfit toys, rise of the guardians (i know, not technically christmas) and the polar express. it's been a busy and fun month though, that's for sure. 

i feel like i should mention the 52 week project that i have been failing at, miserably. i feel like i did really good for the first three quarters of the year! and then, it kinda went downhill i guess. i still got a picture up for every week, just not on the day i wanted to. i blame some of it on my desktop computer going kaput, which meant i didn't upload any of the pictures on my big camera (i have almost 800 pictures on it currently), which meant i didn't get to use all the pictures that i had planned on using and ended up using some iphone photos. don't get me wrong, i LOVE every single picture that i ended up using, i just had different ideas sometimes. oh well. life, right? i still plan on posting these last couple of weeks, probably not until after christmas tho. 

so christmas eve is tomorrow, and we're super excited over here. this is the first year where landon is really "getting" the whole santa thing, and that's awesome. and we've been talking about Jesus and the nativity and i think that's a little harder for him to grasp but it's still fun to hear him talk about it with me. 

so i hope y'all have a very very merry christmas! i'll be back soon to update with some more pictures of our festivities. 

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