11.17.14 | WINTER BLUES

my sweet little one-year-old

the last couple of weeks have been pretty hard for us over here. justin has what his doctor thinks is walking pneumonia (although, she's not 100% certain) and he has been on antibiotics for it now for five days, and he's still feeling awful. i am on the tail end of a cold which just seems to keep lingering. claire's acting like she's teething a bit and landon, well, landon is three. so there's that. we've all been getting on each other's nerves a little bit (or a lot, depending on who you ask) and we're tired of the inside of our house (at least i am). this winter season is not starting out the way i wanted it to.

but there was one moment this weekend, when landon woke up from a bad dream and asked me to lay with him. and so i snuggled up next to him in his cozy bed, my arm draped over his little body, and held him close. and even though i couldn't breathe through my nose and my head was pounding and i was just ready to go to bed in my own bed, i was so happy to just lay with him. it was such a good reminder that no matter how awful things seem, they're really not that bad. not when you've got the ones you love to hold close. 

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  1. he's so tiny here!!! and as always, adorable :)


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