11.13.14 | 45/52

"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014."

landon: i had to get some things printed at staples the other day and to keep the kids occupied while there, justin found the toy section. they played the piano pretty much the entire time, and this was landon showing me the mickey piano that he wants for christmas. he's playing it in the picture above and his face kills me. 

claire: i had to get a price adjustment on claire's new car seat (yay for saving $40! and tears for claire growing up.) which we had to go up to salem for. anyway, we bought the car seat from babies r us, which is also a toys r us. and in case you haven't been to a toys r us in forever, like me, GO. it's amazing. i can't even tell you how long we were in there for but man oh man, it was a long time. and i could have spent forever in there. this was claire in the hello kitty aisle, which she's pretty obsessed with and i don't mind. 

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