11.01.14 | HELLO, NOVEMBER!

it's november, can you believe it?! sheesh. anyway, we took the kids trick-or-treating last night. well, kind of. we visited friends and family so the kids didn't actually get to go up to random houses and get candy from people they don't know but i'm okay with it. and i think they are too. we got to see just about everyone we love yesterday (during the day and in the evening) and the kids loaded up on candy that, let's face it, justin and i are going to eat most of. c; 

^^uhm, cutest owl ever? she couldn't figure out that she could turn her head so she turned her whole body and it was amazingly cute. she was also pretty obsessed with carrying her pumpkin (and landon's) and loved putting pieces of candy in it. she surprised us so much yesterday, with putting on and taking off her owl costume (she couldn't wear it in the car seat) and didn't fuss one bit. she didn't sleep the greatest last night but who can blame her? she had a long loooooong day and was a little off at bed time still. oh well. the cuteness makes up for it. mostly.
^^and this one wanted NOTHING to do with pictures. we had to trick him into getting these, telling him that we were just looking through our cameras at him and not actually taking his picture. we're horrible people. but, he's probably the cutest race car driver there's ever been, right? can't even handle it. 

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