10.29.14 | 43/52

"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014."

landon & claire: another joint picture this week because, well, it's been one doozy of a week. and i apologize that claire is blurry in this picture but the other shot of this she wasn't looking at the camera and it looked more like landon was choking her (which i assure you, he was not). anyway, landon is in the thick of being three which currently means there's a lot of yelling, screaming, tantrum-throwing, hitting, pushing, pulling, and generally not listening to anything anyone of authority has to say. so that's been fun. and claire is teething, we think, as there's not really any evidence to show that she is other than her sleeping has been particularly awful unless we give her a bit of tylenol before bed and then she sleeps a lot better. so, this picture is one moment this last week where they were actually looking cute, and not being the messy/crazy/insane children that they typically are.

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  1. messy/crazy/insane or not, they're still the cutest kids on the face of the planet :)
    also....three is the worst. the worst i tell you!
    four is much better. hang in there, momma. you're doing great!!!!!


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