went to the patch this week, after justin and the kids started feeling better. and then i got sick, boo. but that's beside the point. we went to the pumpkin patch and got our 2014 pumpkins! we visited a new patch this year and although the selection wasn't quite as varied as the place we usually go, the price was better (you didn't have to pay to get into the patch, like at our usual place). so, it was a draw. BUT! we found pumpkins. landon's favorite pumpkins are the itty bitty ones that are already picked and in bins by the check-out area. so that makes things really easy for him, hah. the little ones at this patch were three for $1 so he was pretty excited about that. and then we were off to search for the rest of our pumpkins. because ya know, we need one pumpkin, per person, in our house. c;

^^here's landon pointing to one of his itty bitty pumpkins. he looks so proud, right? haha.
^^i love the progression of these three photos. it's like, "here's a fake smile for the picture mom of the big pumpkin i picked out." and then, "alright, i'm trying to keep smiling but there's some kids over there that look like they're having fun." and the last one, "so, take the picture already! this is way too boring."
^^this little lady reeeeeeally wanted out of the ergo to walk around and look at pumpkins with her big brother. the ground was a little too squishy for her though. next year baby girl, next year.
^^he's gonna fit in that thing perfectly next year.
^^and because i only have one other picture of her up there, here's one from after we got home, wearing the felt food basket like a hat. 

now, on to the pumpkin carving! (but this year, i think we're gonna paint our pumpkins? carving is way more work than i'd like to do. we'll see.)


  1. I wish in Singapore we get to choose pumpkins like you did! :)

  2. Aw, how fun! What a little cutie being too small for the scarecrow! I still haven't gone to a pumpkin patch yet. Falling behind on the holiday season!
    xo TJ



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