10.02.14 | 39/52

"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014."

landon: (some backstory: over the last year, i've been collecting different sets of window clings for different seasons/holidays. i've had my eye out for some at target every time we go [that's where i usually end up getting them] but haven't had any luck for any halloween-themed ones. this last week we went to walmart in search of some paw patrol toys and luckily, they had some really cute window clings. we ended up getting two sets: a typical cutesy halloween set and a winnie the pooh set.) landon gets to set decorate the windows when a new season rolls around and this fall was no different. as soon as the rain hit, i knew it was time to bring out the fall "stuff". he takes great pride in how the window looks when it's done and goes back to it at least once a day to move stuff around and play with it. it's kind of the cutest thing and i love catching him without him knowing. 

claire: wearing a pair of landon's old pj's and socks, looking awfully cute and being awfully mischievous. it's pretty awesome that landon looks so much like justin and claire looks more like me. c;

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