09.24.14 | 37&38/52

"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014."

before i start, i know i'm behind. last week was kinda crazy, in so many ways (i'm sure i'll write a post on it at some point) and i don't think i took one single photo. SO unlike me. so to make up for last week, i stole a couple of pictures that i took this week. and then for this week's picture, i used one for both kids. time management, people. 

landon: he's been asking to watch way too many movies/cartoons these days so a few days last week (this week? i don't know anymore.) we pulled out the art supplies. we've been doing painting, coloring, drawing, using scissors, stickers, finger paints, and play dough like no other. he's been enjoying it a lot. i think his inner artist is starting to show itself. 

claire: i HAD to include this picture of her in her adorable denim jumper, bringing me her favorite shoes to put on. i think this is one of those pictures that gives me a glimpse into what baby girl will look like when she's a teenager. she looks so grown up with her hair pulled up and making that adorable little "duck face". gosh, i can't get enough of her.

landon&claire: another art day, this time in the living room. after one too many times of claire dumping out all of the good crayons from the crayon holder, i got smart and got out all of the miscellaneous crayons that we have just sitting in a paper tray. she can dump those out as many times as she want! more often than not, the kids have toys ALL OVER this room and even though i'm sometimes stressed a little about it, i know that i'll miss this one day. c; so, we make a mess every day. and that's ok. oh! and landon's started a chore chart (he feeds ripley, helps with laundry when asked, and helps pick up toys at the end of the day) so clean up is going a little better than it used to. plus claire is always willing to help when it comes to cleaning up. c;

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i got a new iphone this last week
and even though these pictures aren't the 
greatest in showing the quality of the camera, 
trust me when i say the camera is AWESOME.

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