08.29.14 | FOR THE KIDS

alright alright alright. after checking out the hot air balloons on saturday, we headed north to visit omsi with justin's brother's family. the special exhibit that was currently going was all about dinosaurs and since landon hasn't really been introduced to dinosaurs (other than dinosaur train) we thought it'd be fun. and it sure was! omsi is such a blast, guys. even if you don't have any kids. c;

so jackson (my nephew) is OBSESSED with the dinos. like, he's been to this exhibit a dozen times? something like that. and he still wasn't tired of it. when that kid likes something, really likes it. c; we had so much fun spending the morning with him (and his parents). thanks for the invite, guys! 

and now for pictures.

^^getting two kids to look at the camera at the same time is almost impossible.
^^i'm still working on figuring out my camera settings for use in darker places, without using my flash. or really, just not blinding everyone with the flash. so, a few of these pics are super dark and/or grainy but some others are way bright. i'm okay with it. plus, you really get to see landon's "smile" face when the flash is on and it's AMAZING.
^^see? one picture without flash, one with. the struggle is real. (my kids are still cute, though.)
^^this t-rex moves. and makes noise. it's cool.
^^the archeological dig table. where more throwing "sand/dirt" around happened than digging for bones. i think these kiddos could have played here for an hour if we would have let them. 
^^fighting to push the elevator button. jackson won, and then promptly tried to push the emergency button. c; 
 ^^trying to break free, maybe? this was in the toddler play area, where kids under six could play. they had all sorts of things to do: a market, water tables, sand area, forest area (caves/trees/animals), this block area, and i think a dress-up area? it's pretty awesome for the littler ones.
^^and now i'm gonna brag about this gal for a minute. see those blocks up there? the cylindrical ones? yeah, she stacked those ALL BY HERSELF. on top of those other blocks that were standing on end and were on top of other blocks. she's awesome, that gal.

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  1. ah! I have been INTENDING on taking the boys all summer, but with being sick it hasn't happened. Skyler's working tomorrow before the exhibit's gone, but I've been thinking of making one last effort to get them up there, even solo. Your pics convinced me I NEED to!


thanks for the input!