08.28.14 | FULL OF HOT AIR

so last weekend was a busy one. we did so much stuff! the first thing on the agenda was getting up bright and early saturday morning (at 530, to be exact) to watch some hot air balloons take off at the nw art and air festival. we stopped in at our favorite donut shop on the way, for a nutritious breakfast, and then were on our way.

as we were getting close to the location, we could see all of the balloons already filled up, ready to take off. i was a little bummed because seeing them fill up is one of my favorite parts but whatever. besides, there were SO MANY people there that we couldn't even turn off the main road to get close enough to park and walk. people were even parking on the side of the highway. it was crazy guys. we turned down a side street, in a little business-y area. we drove around a bit, hoping to find a way to walk over to the park when we found ourselves in a roundabout. we decided to just get out there, since no one else was there, and watch the balloons fly away. turned out to be a great idea, because the balloons flew directly overhead. and it was awesome. 

alright. now for way too many pictures.
^^you see that face?! priceless.
^^last year, claire was only about a month old. she was strapped to me in the ergo and basically slept the entire time. plus, like a one-month-old was gonna care about some balloons filled with hot air? this year though, she loved it. 
^^so, these guys were cool. they lifted off at the same time, all three of them. unfortunately i didn't get a shot of them facing us. but i liked this view better anyway, as it looked like they were actually flying away from us. we asked landon which balloon was his favorite and he said these bumblebees. mine too, bud.

until next year, art and air festival! 

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