08.22.14 | THE WOODS

okay, so i shared a few of these pics over on instagram last week but i just had to share the full versions of them, too. anyway, last weekend we were invited to attend a "retirement campout". we already had plans because my bestie was getting married (!!!) but we decided to make the trek out to the middle of the woods near monroe for breakfast and to spend a bit of time with some of justin's coworkers. boy are we glad we did! it was gorgeous out there. sometimes i just wanna get out of oregon and live somewhere that is sunnier more days out of the year but then we go and do something like this and i'm reminded how much i LOVE oregon. 

so, when we got there the crew had already eaten but they were so kind and offered to whip us up some eggs, pancakes and biscuits and gravy. pancakes are probably my favorite thing ever so i was happy. we spent a bit of time chatting and then the group decided to take a bit of a hike to see the "big tree". landon did so good walking alongside us, i was so impressed. when we got to the "big tree", it's name didn't disappoint, as you can see from the picture above. it's pretty amazing what God has created for us, isn't it?

after the seeing the tree, claire and i headed back down to the campsite so she could stretch her legs (and i could, too. yoga is good for that. c;) as we planned on heading to the coast after this, while the boys and ripley continued on the hike which ended up being a total of about three miles, i think? justin had to carry landon for the latter part of it because it was pretty loose dirt and uneven ground and landon's still a little guy and all. after the hike, we pretty much packed up and were on our way. which, ended up being a waste of a day because once we got to the coast it was horrible weather. and we didn't even get to eat seafood because we had ripley with us so we got nasty fast food. basically we drove to the coast to eat fast food and let ripley out to pee. we couldn't even see the ocean! oh well. next time!!

(a few more pics below)

^^love me a little sun flare.
^^we passed an old fire truck earlier on our trek, which landon got to sit in and was elated by. this truck was closer to the tree and even though he did get to climb up in it for a bit, it was a little too big and he didn't enjoy it much. he did like that he was as big as the tire, though. 
^^isn't this amazing?! it's got a functioning kitchen, bathrooms and basically all you would need to live out here. wouldn't that be cool?
^^and then the fire pit and that big old covered area behind it. there's a table there that is the FULL LENGTH of the roof, with built-in benches. it's crazy cool. 
^^gosh, oregon sure is beautiful. thanks linn county coworkers for inviting us! next time we'll stay longer. c;

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