alright, part two! i've been collecting some animal toys from schleich for landon for a while now and knew that i wanted to use them for something for his party. and thus! a zoo party! i also told family members that if they wanted to get some for him as gifts, they were welcome to do so and i would add them to the decor. (he ended up with a buffalo, kangaroo and ostrich!) as i said in part one of these party posts, we split the party into two; one for family and one for friends. it ended up working out pretty well, even if only two of his friends showed up. oh well, we still had a good time!
so, lots and lots more pictures and details of the party below! 
^^the kids table. i bought animal-themed plates and cups for the kids to eat from, because they were super cute and i'm obsessed with themed stuff. those little mini party hats in the back i made, thanks to caravan shoppe and their free party downloads. (i made his invites using free downloads that corresponded. check them out, they're super cute!)
^^little details, like a buffalo and tigers roaming around the fruits and veggies, i totally nerd out over. c;
^^the food! we had (probably too much) quite the assortment. justin was so kind and made basically all of the sandwiches for me (roast beef, turkey or ham). then we had two different kinds of chips, with three different kinds of dip because, variety. there was also a veggie tray, grapes, blueberries, watermelon and little cutie oranges. i made probably one of the best boxed cakes i've ever made (i posted a couple pics on my instagram, way back in the day) and thanks to my wonderful sister, i also tried cake pops for the first time. let me tell you, cake pops are not for the faint of heart. gosh, they're time-consuming, stressful, DELICIOUS, difficult and all-around a pain in the butt. but like i said, they taste incredible. so i guess they're worth it?
^^i'm also the type of mom that is obsessed with goodie bags for parties. i only made them for the kids at this party because we invited SO MANY PEOPLE. but i love them, nonetheless. anyway, inside these cute little boxes i got at target (and then decorated with stickers i got at fred meyer) were two or three little animal figurines (like the ones on his cakes), about six animal stickers, these cute little post-it-like stickers i ordered from japan, (i sliced them up so each kid got a couple different animals and then i kept the rest for myself. order quite a bit in advance as it takes forever to get things from japan, it seems. but they're totally worth it. c;) and i think a pack of fruit snacks from target? i can't quite remember. all i know is that i was super happy with how they turned out. 
^^again, my husband is probably the best person. ever. for every party (even his own!) he puts up balloons and streamers for me. he totally outdid himself this year. i mean, look at how perfect the length is on every single one of those balloons! also, i made that there lion bean bag toss up there. it turned out super cute and even though none of the kids wanted to actually play with it, i'm obsessed with it. i've still got it in my garage, even though landon tore off most of the mane. nothing some hot glue won't fix!
^^another shot of all the hard work my husband does for me. love you babe!
^^okay, are these two not the cutest betrothed couple you have EVER SEEN?! 
^^this cake turned out so much better than the other one. totally different cake mixes and frostings but goodness, this one was amazing. if you haven't tried any of the duff line cakes, you best run out and get one and make it RIGHT NOW. this one was super yummy AND super cool looking (when you cut into it. it doesn't look that cool up there, i know.) and then for claire's birthday i made one that was blueberry flavored and good golly, it was insanely good.
happy birthday my big boy! sorry it took me so long to blog about it. next year, i promise i'll be on top of my game. love you, sweet pea.

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