so, i'm waaaaaay behind on some posts, guys. like, landon has been three for four months now and i'm just getting around to blogging about it?! yeah, life with two littles is all-consuming and amazing and stressful and tiring and fulfilling all wrapped up in one neat little package. i mean, i got a total of four hours of sleep last night, broken up into about one-hour chunks. it was awesome. thanks a lot teething. anyway, i'm gonna blog about landon turning three. which was one of the highlights of our year, that's for sure.

here's way too many pictures by blogging standards but i don't care because it's about my little boy and it's my blog and yada yada yada.

^^early morning, just woken up. i mean, c'mon.

^^growing up, my mom would always put streamers on the outside of our door for our birthday so it was the first thing we saw. it was one of my favorite traditions and i'm hoping it feels the same for my kids.
^^these were his favorite shoes once he got them and then within a couple of days, justin let him wear them outside while doing yardwork. of course it was a hot day and they decided playing around with the sprinkler and hose and dirt and whatever else they could think was a good idea. i think they're forever stained. he still loves them though!
^^his first power wheel! i had a pink barbie corvette power wheel that i looooooved when i was little so when my dad asked if it was okay for him to get landon a four-wheeler one, i was all for it. landon was really hesitant at first in not wanting to even get on it but justin was persistent and eventually picked him up and sat him down, landon kicking his legs and all. suffice it to say he was a little more difficult in convincing to get back off. 
^^i love baking and have made all of my kids' birthday cakes (except for landon's first birthday, which were awesome cupcakes made by my sister-in-law). they aren't always from scratch (this was a boxed mix from target) but they're always good. c; i thought i had done a crumb coating with frosting the correct way but apparently you're supposed to refrigerate the cake for a little bit afterwards? ain't nobody got time for that! that's why there are bit of chocolate cake crumbs throughout the frosting. (i figured it made it look more like dirt in the grass. or something.) also! it was a zoo theme, which i'll have more pictures on the part two post sometime later this week. we've got such a big family it just makes sense to have two separate parties and this year, we did one family party and one friend party. the friend party has more little zoo details because kids tend to enjoy that kind of stuff more. (who am i kidding, I enjoy that stuff!)
^^i love the look on his face in this one. what a cutie.

so, sorry it took me so long
to post about this.
i'm gonna try to be a better blogger.
or something. c;

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