07.30.14 | THINGS

i can't get over the leg rolls. gosh.

man, whoever said life with two kids was hard sure wasn't kidding! parenting two little ones takes basically everything out of me, every single day. it's amazing i get anything done. claire's been getting into EVERY LITTLE THING that she's not supposed to, landon has been acting like a three-year-old (heaven, help us), ripley is as annoying as ever and we still haven't gotten back into our regular routine involving food. on the bright side? the weather has been glorious! i'm learning that i am happiest when the sun is shining bright and it's warm enough to go outside without a jacket. and that's a new realization to me so i've been missing out on summer, big time!

a few things:

//either i've forgotten that landon was interested in the kitchen cabinets and taking everything out that he's not supposed to or claire is just crazy obsessed with it.

//claire got a little push trike for her birthday this year and when you put the handles down to their lowest point, landon can push her in it! it's kind of his favorite thing to do right now and i'm not complaining.

//landon is FULLY potty trained. and it's amazing. sure, he has an accident once in a great while, typically over night when he refused to use the restroom before bed but other than that, he's done! it's so nice only changing one kid's diapers.

//we took landon to see the new planes movie last weekend. he sat through the entire thing, never got antsy or anything. also, in case you're wondering: this movie was way better than the first one. 

//claire is still sleeping horribly. she slept great the two nights we stayed at silver falls but since we're back home, she's sleeping awful again. i did notice three teeth just under the surface yesterday though so maybe she has actually been teething? who knows with this gal.

//landon is becoming more and more comfortable in water, which is a great thing. and claire still loves it.

//i'm in the thick of planning my friend's bachelorette party for next weekend and oh my gosh! i can't believe it's so close! 

i feel like i intended on writing a whole bunch more stuff but apparently my brain is drawing a blank? and claire has just woken from her nap so i've got to go get here and make some lunch for us all. hope you're enjoying your summer just as much as we are!

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