07.25.14 | CLAIRE'S PARTY

we celebrated claire's first birthday last weekend with an under the sea themed party. when i initially started planning for her party, i started with a goldfish theme. it slowly morphed into a full under the sea theme when i realized i couldn't think/find enough ideas that involved only goldfish. it was a lot of fun! we had quite a full house with lots of family and friends here to celebrate with our sweet lady. luckily for us, our deck is finished so we had extra space for everyone outside. we also bought a little swimming pool a couple of weeks ago and decided to have that outside for all the kids to play in after presents and food. all in all, i think it was a success!!

^^the dessert table! i drew all the fish myself and my wonderful sister cut them all out for me. i think it turned out super cute!
^^i got pretty much all of the decorations at the dollar store this year, including this blow-up sea horse. i'm totally going to the dollar store for every party from now on. 
^^little fishy marshmallow pops! if you're ever considering making cake pops, make these instead. they are SO MUCH EASIER. i mean, they don't taste anywhere near as good because they aren't cake, obviously, but they take half the time and look just as cute. if not cuter! i was so happy with how they turned out. 
^^for the cake, i knew i wanted it to have a little ombre effect and be similar to waves. i also knew it wanted to do things as easy as possible. i ended up buying two of the blueberry cake mixes from the duff goldman line of mixes (at target!) and then had a cream cheese frosting container and a softest vanilla frosting container. the cake was four layers, with cream cheese frosting between them and a light frosting around the entire cake. then i topped it with the vanilla frosting (which is the BEST pre-made frosting i think i've ever had) that i had tinted two different shades of blue. it was SO GOOD.
^^i'm totally obsessed with putting together little goodie bags for kids at birthday parties and knew i had to do something for this party, too. i found these little blue containers at the dollar store (two for $1!!) and filled them with a koosh ball "sea anenome" (dollar store), a container of bubbles (also dollar store) and a bag of goldfish (big box from costco). i think they turned out pretty cute. 
^^i drew this little guy to remind the kids to take a goodie bag because whenever i'm at a party, i always forget to grab one.
^^claire was pretty darn tired during present time. oh well. she ended up with a TON of new clothing though, which was amazing. she's set for quite a while now. 
^^and then, it was time for cake! claire couldn't quite figure out the blowing out of the candle so landon helped her out. 
^^maybe she was just tired but she didn't seem all that interested in her cake. she was the same way with the cupcake on her actual birthday. i mean, she ate most of it, but she didn't devour it the way landon did on his first birthday. 
happiest of birthdays, sweet girl!


  1. TOOOO cute! You did an awesome job with all of it! Totally impressed by the hand drawn fish, by the way! Bummed we missed it. :(

    1. thanks kayla! bummed we missed you, too. soon though!

  2. the party was absolutely wonderful! great job on everything!!!!


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