07.09.14 | OUR FUN FOURTH

good golly, this year was fun! we spent our fourth doing some last-minute party shopping (which was crazy, let me tell you. never again will i wait until the day of to get my groceries!), cleaning the house a bit, relaxing and having great friends over for dinner and fireworks. 

apparently i didn't document our day as much as i thought i did but whatever. on to the few photos i did get. c;

 ^^auntie courtney and uncle charlie stopped by for a bit, too.
^^claire's favorite thing is to show us any and every toy she can get her hands on.
^^playing in the back yard with hannah was the highlight of his night.
^^emily bought flags for the littles and man oh man, they sure were cute playing with them.
^^see?! what'd i tell ya? CUTE.
^^i missed out on the beginning of the fireworks show because i was helping claire get back to sleep. but when i came out, justin was holding landon to help him see some of the bigger (illegal) fireworks that people were shooting off all over the place.
^^i tried my hand at capturing some sparklers in action. hadn't quite figured out the settings just right on this pic but i like it anyway!
^^and of course, landon's favorite: pop-its! he would grab a little handful of them, place them next to him on his chair, and one by one throw them out onto the ground. if one didn't "pop" immediately, he knew exactly where it landed and would get up to stomp on it. 

we had such a good time this year, even if landon did have a major meltdown right before bed because it was waaaaaaaay past his bedtime. the joys of parenthood. oh well, i wouldn't change it for anything. holidays are so much better with little ones.

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  1. they really are the cutest :)
    thanks so much for having us over!!!


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