07.08.14 | 27/52

"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014."

landon: i've been trying really hard to think of creative things for landon to do during the day. we're stuck at home the majority of the time and some days he just doesn't want to play the normal stuff. lately he's been really interested in playing with some dried beans we've got. he loves dumping them from one container to another and i love love love watching him concentrate so hard on not spilling any of them. 

claire: into everything, this one is. she's so close to walking and yet, every time it seems like she's about to take a step, she changes her mind and plops right on down. she's also still obsessed with ripley (and his bed, ugh) and trying to grab anything she's not supposed to (like the laptop or my phone or the tv remote; basically anything electronic! c;). she's also lots and lots and lots of fun. still waiting on her to say anything other than "dada" but she's got grunting with lots of pointing and signing "more" and "all down" all figured out! 

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