06.18.14 | CLAIRE, AT 10 MONTHS

confession: i never ended up taking pictures of claire for her 10-month mark. i'm disappointed in myself so you don't need to tell me you're disappointed, too. c; i'm probably being too hard on myself; i hear that things don't always go quite as planned with your second? i'm certainly not taking as many pictures as i did with landon, i rarely write in either of their baby books anymore, i obviously don't have as much time to give them both as much attention as they want. wait, am i turning into my mom?! anyway..

claire, at 10 months, is still rocking seven little teeth. she sure seems to be teething an awful lot but nothing is poking through just yet.

claire, at 10 months, is so wishy-washy when it comes to her sleep. it's either all or nothing, that's for sure. take yesterday for example: naps were pretty great. bedtime was decent, or so i hear. (i've been sick the last couple of days so justin was taking care of the kids last night, bless his heart.) and then today. woke up an hour earlier than normal. morning nap only lasted 35 minutes (which BLOWS, by the way). which means her afternoon nap is probably going to be short, too. and then bedtime tonight is going to be horrible. that's how it seems to go with her.

claire, at 10 months, loooooooves the beach. she's been three times now and goodness. that girl is obsessed with sand. (hint, hint dad. c;)

claire, at 10 months, is a good eater! she eats pretty much anything we give her! it's incredible. she definitely eats her oatmeal better for justin but she tends to eat cleaner when it's just me here. kind of weird but i'll take it!

claire, at 10 months, is wearing size 12-18 month clothing, leaning closer to the 18 month size. 

claire, at 10 months, got her first pair of freshly picked moccasins! i decided to get the gold ones because they were having a sale and the rose gold ones weren't included in it and these were my next favorite pair. they are so cute on her i can hardly stand it.

claire, at 10 months, still isn't standing on her own. she'll do it on occasion, purely by accident. she's definitely strong enough and has the balance, she just doesn't seem to be interested in it. 

claire, at 10 months, is gonna walk soon. i can feel it. once she decides to stand on her own i know she's gonna take a step. justin's in denial.

claire, at 10 months, is obsessed with her big brother. he definitely reciprocates the feeling. he's always saying "cwaire, hold my hand!" "oh, it's okay baby girl". super cute.

claire, at 10 months, is quite the escape artist. no matter how i barricade the living room off, she finds a way out. and the reason she wants out, you ask? to crawl to ripley's disgusting bed that is covered in his nasty fur (which i vacuum daily, and it seems to last for two minutes) and put said fur in her mouth. it's disgusting and i gag basically every time. if it's not his bed she's going for, it's the open dishwasher or a toy of landon's that she's not supposed to play with or basically anything she's not supposed to have.

claire, at 10 months, is still obsessed with bath time. she doesn't really want to sit in the bath, she'd much rather stand, but she loves playing in the water. 

claire, at 10 months, can listen to simple commands. if i ask her to bring me something, she does it. if i ask her to put her dirty clothes in the hamper, she does it. if i ask her to pick something up, she does. and when she succeeds at something, she is super proud of herself. she gets the biggest grin on her face and claps and it's seriously cute.

claire, at 10 months, loves to dance! there's a few toys of landon's that play music when you push a button and once those go off, she's bopping up and down. she'll also dance on clue, almost every time, and she'll also dance when she grabs her book "barnyard dance". 

claire, at 10 months, is so much fun! every day i have to remind myself that she's such a big girl! she's so close to not being a baby anymore and even though it's a little bit sad, it's also so exciting. seeing her when she realizes she is doing something funny and then laughing at herself is definitely a highlight of my day. 

it's so hard to believe that in less than one month, my baby girl will no longer be a baby. please time, just slow down for a little bit longer. 

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  1. What a great way to remember all these little things about your girl! What a little cutie!!
    xo TJ



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