06.05.14 | OUR SATURDAY

the weather has been the best lately. like, i am in heaven it's so good. if you didn't know, i'm at my best when the sun is shining and it's warm and we get to have food cooked on the bbq and flowers get planted and all that jazz. so, when the weather gets good, i always have the itch to head for the coast. who am i kidding, i always have the itch to head for the coast. c;

so, back to saturday. we got up, packed up everything we would need for a day away (landon's dump truck and shovel&pail, extra clothes, good music. you know, the essentials), said adios to ripley and headed out. we left perfectly amazing weather and were greeted with somewhat okay weather. well really, it was pretty good weather for the oregon coast. i'm just a big 'ole wuss because for some reason my ears get super cold when it's the slightest bit chilly out and then they start to hurt? it's weird and i never EVER plan for it. because i'm dumb, probably.

it was so good to get out. the ocean is good for my soul, i tell ya. we spent a bit of time on the beach, landon switching between pushing his dump truck everywhere and helping dig the hole that the big boys were digging. (a hole, really guys?) claire stayed pretty close to me on the blanket the entire time, venturing off into the sand only once, finding some sea grass or something. i lasted about an hour or something before my ears and nose felt like they were going to fall off and called it a day. plus i was pretty hungry and was really looking forward to the mate's portion of fish & chips from the chowder bowl. what visit to newport is complete without a meal at the chowder bowl? and then, before we knew it, it was time to head back over the mountains to the warm sunny spring weather we know and love. we just don't get enough of it, that's all.

and now, on to the pictures!
^^this kid slays me with his facial expressions. when he's focusing on something really intensely, he's either sucking his lips in or sticking his tongue out. still unsure which one is the go-to look.
^^and this sly little grin. at this point it was time to pack up and of course, he wasn't ready. so he's running away from me. naturally i took a picture. c;
^^he wanted nothing to do with our car. apparently sitting in the front seat of auntie's car is waaaay cooler than his own carseat. plus he was having too much fun pushing all the buttons. 
 ^^this little one is getting closer and closer to no longer needing a bottle. she'll be one next month?! how is this even possible...
^^so much fun at the beach meant BOTH KIDS slept the entire way home. (which was a really good thing seeing as how i ended up getting car sick and had my head between my legs  basically the whole way back.)
^^and one more of this little lady crawling away from the blanket, asserting her independence. 

if you visit newport and plan on spending the night,
stay at the elizabeth street inn.
every room is ocean view (it's right on the beach!),
you get a free breakfast, warm chocolate chip cookies at night
and in cold weather, hot salmon chowder. 
plus, the rooms have fireplaces and comfy beds.
it's our go-to hotel. 

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