06.03.14 | 22/52

"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014."

landon: he has been such a good little helper lately. he always wants to help us when we're working outside, no matter what it is we're doing, but more often than not he ends up taking our gardening shovel and starts digging up dirt and bugs. a couple of weeks ago we bought him his own pail, shovel and rake and even though he'd prefer to use ours, he's content with them. he also got his own pair of gardening gloves this week (cars, of course) and is very proud of himself when he has them on. 

claire: this girl. there are times during the day when i am so tired of running after her and scooping her up before she gets to ripley's food and water dishes that i end up barricading off the living room with the pack 'n play and a couple of chairs. one of those chairs i have to put something in front of because she ends up crawling underneath it. i thought i had everything covered but lo and behold, she found a way. nothing is safe anymore. 

**linking up with jodi.
iphone pics this week.
i have been taking pics with the 
big camera, i'm just too lazy to upload the files
onto the computer. oh well.

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