05.30.14 | FF - CLOTHES FOR KIDS

like most moms, i have particular clothing stores that i am more partial to for my kids. old navy, target and h&m being the ones i frequent most often. i shop there not only for the styles they offer, but for the price they offer them at. plus, they're within driving distance and can try things on the kids without risking having to pay shipping costs, etc. (the clothes below are all from old navy and we have almost all of them. i need to get that beach shirt and turtle shirt for landon though and the whale pjs for claire, stat!)
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that being said, i do love me some small business online shops. i am especially fond of the shop little hip squeaks for dresses and headbands for claire. i also really like the look of the thief & bandit kids line (as well as the adults line!) and you can't go wrong with candy kirby designs, either. hello apparel is another new favorite of mine and can't wait to get my hands on the handmade watermelon print!
as for shoes, we really like h&m, converse, old navy, nike, and just recently have come to love freshly picked moccasins. if you haven't heard of them and you have a little kid, you should really order some. they are quality shoes made with real leather and man, they come in some super stylish colors. they hold up in ALL weather and really, look great with anything. landon has had a pair for a few months now and they are easily his favorite pair of shoes to wear, as he can put them on and take them off all by himself! i can't wait until the rose gold or heirloom styles are back in stock so i can pick up a pair for claire! (i'm also kind of obsessed with the neon colors so we'll see which one(s) we end up with. c;)
there you have it, my favorite kid clothes! do you have any small shops i need to check out? i'm always on the lookout for cute and stylish clothes!
**in exchange for this post,
i was given a pair of freshly picked moccs.
we got the 'swimming with the sharks' for landon.
stay tuned for a giveaway around claire's birthday
where you could win a pair as well!

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