05.21.14 | CURRENTLY

you can just ignore me up there and look at the cuteness going on from the other two. landon is so freaking cute i can't even handle it.

EATING: bbq'd anything. shish kabobs, burgers, hot dogs, chicken, all of it. once the sun starts peeking out from behind those clouds a little more and the flowers start blooming, all i want to eat is stuff you can grill on the good 'ole barbecue. 

WATCHING: same old stuff. although we haven't been watching stuff as frequently because we got an xbox one a month or so ago and just this past week we got a new game - rayman - and we're mildly obsessed. seriously, it's a problem. 

LISTENING TO: some old favorites - thousand foot krutch, rascal flatts, yellowcard, the anniversary. and then some new as well - katy perry (i'm obsessed with dark horse), bastille, shakira. 

READING: nothing. i'm having such a hard time finding time to read, still! i mean, i have the time but for some reason i'm choosing to do other things like video games and that's totally unlike me. i guess i just can't really get into any books right now.

FINDING: pictures landon has taken with my phone. it's kind of the best thing ever. 

ANTICIPATING: our deck being finished! the project has been started and we're set for may 31 to really start putting it together. it's going to be awesome once it's finished. i was telling justin the other day that i wasn't super excited for the deck and i just felt kinda 'meh' about it. but then my dad came over and they started putting the pier pads in and the beams were set and all of a sudden i realized that we're gonna have a deck out there soon! like, somewhere to actually sit instead of the grass. somewhere for ripley to hang out besides the dirt. 

HOPING: that we can figure out a way to go to disneyland this fall. i've been crunching the numbers and figuring everything out and by golly, it's just about doable. i've said for a while now that i didn't want to take my kids when they were too little to really 'get' disneyland and i wanted to be able to enjoy myself as well but honestly, i want to go and see landon's face light up as soon as he meets lightning mcqueen or mickey or one of the princesses (this kid loves his princesses) and gosh, i want to go now

LOVING: being a matron of honor! i'm in total planning mode for a bridal shower coming up, and then the bachelorette party. it's so much fun! i love putting together little parties like this and seeing all the pieces come together. 

PROCRASTINATING: speaking of parties, i'm kind of in denial that claire will be one in less than two months. i mean, i haven't done anything for that. well i did buy a cookie cutter that i plan on using for something and i do have a theme. other than that, nada. it just doesn't seem real that she's been here with us for almost a year! i know everyone says that but by golly, it's pretty crazy.

ENJOYING: spending time outside with my littles. we've been doing more of that now that the weather is nicer and man, what a difference it makes in landon's mood later in the day. yesterday we spent a good hour and a half in the front yard. we got out his water table and filled it up, claire sat in her exersaucer (because let's get real - she hates the grass and i'm not about to hold her the entire time we're out there), and i transplanted some tulips and some petunias. landon then helped me water all the flowers. oh! and i hosed down our front porch.

HATING: birds. so about two (maybe three?) years ago these two effing birds decided to nest up on top of our front door. there's maybe half an inch of a ledge up there and they sure made good use of it. well, they succeeded in building a nest and laying eggs before we realized they were up there (we didn't use our front door very often then, we always go in through the garage). since then, they're been coming back EVERY YEAR, making lots of annoying noise and trying to rebuild their nest. we haven't let them rebuild fully but man, that doesn't stop them from trying. i seriously want to go all zooey deschanel from 'failure to launch' on their hineys and shoot them down with a bb gun. so yesterday, while outside, i decided to hose down all of the mess they've made in the last couple of days and hope they'd get the idea. they're pissed. like full-on non-stop squawking/chirping/whatever the hell noise they make, flying in and out like they want to attack something. ugh, it's SO ANNOYING. 

anyway, that's currently what's been going on here. how about you? 

**inspiration for this post
from danielle.

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