okay, so i've been a major slacker as of late. i never took claire's nine months pictures. i kept telling myself "oh, there'll be more time tomorrow" and then tomorrow came and went (and so did the next tomorrow and the next one and so on and so forth). and now it's two days past her tenth month of life and i haven't taken those pictures either! eep! so, i'm here now, waiting for our sheets to finish drying before i go to bed. here goes..

claire, at nine months, gives kisses! slobbery, open-mouthed kisses but boy, they sure do melt this mama's heart.

claire, at nine months, says mama and dada on occasion. 

claire, at nine months, full-on hates grass. the picture above was taken about ten seconds after a total meltdown over said grass. (she doesn't like to touch it and was crawling when she came to this realization and somehow managed to take both hands off the ground but then in the process of doing that face planted into the grass. and then, well, because she hates that darn 'ole grass, she couldn't very well push herself back up because then she'd have to touch it again! so poor baby girl laid face-down in the grass until i could get to her. it was pretty traumatic, apparently. she's ok now though. c;)

claire, at nine months, still drools like crazy. she always has a bib on. always. (we got her the m&m one above while in vegas. it's freakin' adorable.)

claire, at nine months, still only has the seven teeth. she seems to be working on more all the time and they just never seem to show up. poor little gal.

claire, at nine months, had her nine-month doctor check-up and did amazing, as usual. i can't for the life of me remember how much she weighed in at or how tall she was and i'm far to lazy to walk upstairs to search through the stack of miscellaneous papers on my desk to find the actual numbers BUT i do know that she's around the 85% for both (i think?). 

claire, at nine months, looooooves bananas. and grapes. and blueberries. and arrowroot cookies. and puffs (she's addicted). and oranges. and sweet potatoes. and green beans. and peas. and, well, really anything that she can feed herself. 

claire, at nine months, gets into EVERYTHING. i turn my back for one second and sheesh, she's crawled to the exact spot i don't want her to crawl to (mainly ripley's bed, gross). 

claire, at nine months, is sleeping okay. i'm not gonna say great and i'm not gonna say awful. i feel like every time i talk about it though, something changes. go figure. for some reason she always wakes up the second justin walks past her room? it's totally weird. 

claire, at nine months, absolutely loves her brother. and anything that he is doing she wants to be doing. he, on the other hand, feels a teeny bit different. (he loves her, yes, he just wants her to play with her toys, not his.)

claire, at nine months, seriously depends on her pacifier. it might be a super difficult habit to break later on but man, it sure does give us some much needed relief every now and then.

claire, at nine months, is such a lovable, huggable, squishy, silly, adorable little lady. she brings so much joy to our lives and we couldn't imagine what our lives would be like without her in them. 

oh! i almost forgot. claire, at nine months, is wearing 12-18 month clothing. we just went to old navy a week or so ago and stocked up on some summer outfits. they are too cute.

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  1. She is so you,..except fornthe moving.around...brother Chad and pacified and touching the Grass..so you


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