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(be warned, this post may be tmi for you. c;)
so, we've started potty training again. actually, we started it last friday. prior to switching out diapers for undies i talked to landon basically all week about wearing big boy undies and no more diapers and only using the toilet. he seemed somewhat excited about it. and then once friday rolled around, he was all "no mom, no undies. me want diapers! me no want go pee in toilet." ugh. 

that first day he had, i think two, accidents. and he had two or three successful pees in the toilet and one poo! oh my gosh, i was so excited. and then the next day he had, i wanna say, no accidents. and the same for the next day. and the next. and so on, through yesterday. he had one little accident yesterday while playing outside, obviously. because really, who wants to stop playing to go inside and use the toilet? 

i haven't been having to remind him to use the toilet, either. he's doing it all on his own! i mean, the hardest part of the day is getting him out of his overnight diaper and into undies. "diapers are my favorite, mom!" is what i hear repeatedly until i eventually bribe him with enough candy and cartoons to get him into undies. once he's in them and finally realizes he's not getting a diaper back on anytime soon, he pees. and just today he's decided he wants to use the big toilet! 

it's been a hectic week over here, for sure, but also REALLY AWESOME. 

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