since coming home from vegas, i have been having the HARDEST time getting back to normal. we celebrated landon's birthday this last weekend so up until then i had my hands full with last-minute party prep so really, it's only been this week. but man, i'm struggling. i haven't made a meal plan for an entire month (at least), we aren't eating the healthiest because of it, i haven't worked out since before vegas and i'm definitely feeling the effects of that, the kids haven't been sleeping the greatest which means we haven't been sleeping the greatest and so on and so forth. i mean really, i just need to suck it up and do it already, right? 

and then there's this thing called boredom lingering over me. don't get me wrong, i've got plenty of things to do what with being home with two kids all day and trying to find new and exciting things to do for them to keep them occupied and everything but i'm finding myself bored. i had so much fun planning landon's birthday and getting everything ready for that and i know that i'm going to have to plan justin's birthday soon (30!!) and claire's is only a few months away and i've also got matron-of-honor duties...geez, i guess typing it all out i realize that i do have a lot of stuff to do and i shouldn't be bored. maybe it's just all about my mindset right now? 

i've got so many things that i want to do, too. like finally make a headboard for our room (i'm so close!), update landon's room some more and finish painting the rest of his furniture, go garage sale hunting this summer and hopefully find some steals for our house (i'm in search of a sideboard, a nice wingback chair, an upholstered bench [i think i want one], mirrored nightstands [like i'm gonna find those at a garage sale], some small/slender side tables, a funky lamp, art, old frames, vintage mirror, baskets baskets baskets, etc.), finish planning our deck and actually build it (also, so close!), re-do the powder room with something unexpected, and the list goes on! all of these things involve decorating! maybe i should go to school for interior design? oh man, this post is getting away from me. 

all of this to say: i'm lazy and i'm bored. c;

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