this sweet baby girl of mine is so so fun. she's on the move, non-stop, teething pretty much every day and just generally being amazing. some stuff from the last month:

claire, at eight months, thinks she is so funny! which, she is, obviously. she likes to crawl towards you, stop and sit, kind of get herself all worked up by bouncing up and down and clapping and then takes off for you again. it's adorable.

claire, at eight months, wears a bib all day long. she drools SO MUCH. landon did too but man, i kinda forgot how much exactly. 

claire, at eight months, loves that darn pacifier. and i have to say, she's pretty cute when she's using it. which is pretty much all day. 

claire, at eight months, has hair down to the middle of her back. she's rocking the baby mullet, that's for sure. i can't bring myself to cut it, even though i know i probably should. i keep telling myself it's okay because i can pull it up into a ponytail or pigtails or clip it back. 

claire, at eight months, is obsessed with anything her brother is playing with. 

claire, at eight months, is so close to walking! she pulls herself up onto everything, holds on with one hand and reaches out with the other. sometimes she'll let go without realizing it, stand there for a second with her arms flailing around her trying to keep her balance and then promptly fall right back on her tush. it's gonna be soon guys. i can feel it.

claire, at eight months, eats some foods in their original form, instead of pureed. she really likes broccoli, bananas, watermelon and peas. it's so fun to watch her eat and try new things.

claire, at eight months, is still obsessed with baths. if she hears that bath water running, she's booking it straight to the bathroom. she also got her first sink bath this month, which she also loved.

claire, at eight months, is really starting to look like me when i was a baby. i can't say that i'm not super excited about it. c;

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