^^^climbing up on everything, and talking all day long.

if you're reading this on sunday morning then yippee for us! we're on our way to vegas! i thought i'd share some recent photos over the last week or so that didn't make it to the blog or instagram or the likes. i've got my 52 week project scheduled to post on tuesday and boy, i'm loving the pictures this week! 

anyway, i hope you enjoy your week, wherever you are, because i'm sure we're enjoying ours! (and missing our babies something fierce!)

 ^^left him in his room for quiet time and he got reeeeal quiet. checked on him and this is what i found. he slept like this for two hours! c:
 ^^she wakes up from her naps so incredibly happy. just as long as you get in there quick.
 ^^a rare moment of "take pikchur of me, mom.
 ^^we never have to worry about the kids dropping food on the floor. 
 ^^speaking of food, watching babies feed themselves is one of the best things ever.
 ^^this train is a favorite around here lately.
^^aaaand claire eating puffs. so cute!

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