i don't know if it's because we're leaving in two days or what but man, this week has sure been a doozy. it seems like landon is testing me every chance he gets and claire wants nothing but to be held while she's playing, instead of just playing. i told justin just the other day that by the time he gets home from work, i am just done. i also reminded him that when landon was claire's age, i was working full-time so i didn't realize how demanding an eight-month-old, almost nine-month-old was. and seriously, it's hard work. she's teething like no other, super needy, not wanting to nap, not wanting to ride in her carseat, not wanting to eat anything that i try to feed her (only from justin, when he gets home from work). it's just, ugh. 

and landon is so good one second and the very next second he's kicking claire in the face to keep her from crawling up near him on the couch. like the pictures above, we had a good time one day at lunch, eating jell-o, showing me his red tongue, having me take a picture of the jell-o on his spoon and then laughing hysterically the second he put the spoon in his mouth because then i couldn't take a picture of it anymore. but as soon as the jell-o was gone, my happy little guy was immediately replaced with a cranky toddler who didn't want to wash his hands, didn't want to get down, didn't want to play, didn't want to do quiet time or take a nap, didn't want to do anything. and when he doesn't want to do anything, well, it's almost impossible to make him do anything. there's lots of moping and fake crying and time-outs threatened before he finally decides it's not worth it and gives in. i know it all comes with the territory with an almost three-year-old and it's only gonna get harder from here on out but sheesh. 

and then! this week both kids have been sleeping terribly, with the exception of one single night. claire has been waking up a lot or having difficulty falling asleep initially (as well as during nap time) and landon has been a pill. he's typically amazing at bedtime, falling asleep pretty quickly but lately, man, he's sure been, for lack of a better word, a turd. fake-crying for forever at the start of bedtime, saying "no love you" when we are getting ready to leave the room, continuing to fake-cry multiple more times, and working himself up so much that he almost hyperventilates. it's ridiculous. 

needless to say, i'm tired. we're both tired. and as much as i'm gonna miss these kids of mine so so so much i'm also reeeeeally looking forward to getting uninterrupted sleep, having no schedule to keep, no responsibility other than ourselves, and just doing whatever the heck we want. it's a much needed vacation. 


  1. i am SOOOO glad you guys get to go away for some grown-up time! it's SO good for the soul, and you'll come home refreshed!!!
    hang in there with the kiddos.....you're an amazing momma ;) hugs!!

  2. aww! Enjoy your time!! You deserve it! Excited to see pics when you get back :)


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