03.26.14 | UPDATE, AGAIN

blurry, but you get the point.

oh gosh, this last weekend was kind of INSANE. my last post, other than the 52 week project post, mentioned that landon got that stomach bug that has been circling around. it lasted for only a few hours for him, probably because he didn't want to eat anything other than one pretzel every 30 minutes or so for the rest of the day and the next day, but while he was going through it, it broke my mama heart. you feel so helpless when your little one is in so much discomfort, especially when they are as little as him, and have no idea what is actually happening to them. so sad. after he got better, i got it. mine lasted longer than a few hours, which totally sucked. and then come friday night, justin got terribly sick. (we think he actually had food poisoning though because he was waaaaay worse than landon or myself and boy, was it bad.) saturday evening he was mostly back to normal and come sunday, he was 100% better. such a relief.

we ended up going up to salem on sunday to return a dress i bought online (hate when that happens) and because jcpenney was having their bed&bath sale, and i had an additional 25% off coupon. justin has been wanting to get rid of our down comforter for FOREVER and replace it with just a bedspread or coverlet. i finally gave in and decided that we could, and i'd just use the fabric from our duvet cover to make an upholstered headboard (!!!). we found an ivory coverlet we like, and another blanket for the bed and a little bluish-grey throw to pull in the colors of our room. we also bought a bedskirt because it was apparently supposed to fit a full/queen bed but OF COURSE, we got it home and it didn't fit a queen, only a full. so we had to reorder it in the right size online and will return the old one sometime this week. 

our bed looks so pretty now! i can't wait until we get back from vegas and i can start planning the headboard and slowly acquiring pieces to make it. it's gonna look SO GOOD. and because our bed looks so nice, i've been making it in the morning, which is totally not normal for me. maybe i'm growing up? i also got hit with a 'spring cleaning' bug yesterday, probably because it was so nice outside and i'm always motivated to be productive when it's nice out. i'm in the process of reorganizing lots of stuff in our bedroom, i completely dusted and vacuumed it, as well as most of the rest of the upstairs. i finished vacuuming upstairs (and the stairs) today, need to dust a little more, and plan on clearing out our bathroom, too. i've got downstairs swept and am just waiting for claire to wake up from her nap before i finish vacuuming. i've also got plans to go grocery shopping with both kids today, to stock up the house for when we're gone (justin's parents are staying here with the kids, to make it an easier transition for claire) with all of landon's favorite meals. c:

and this morning when i woke up (after little sleep because BOTH kids are having such difficult times lately, ugh), i weighed myself and was pleasantly surprised to find that i surpassed my goal weight. so naturally, we got donuts for breakfast this morning. now, some people may say that's counterproductive and to them i say: I DON'T CARE. i've been doing so good with what i'm eating and when i'm eating and how much and who cares if this puts me back to right at my goal weight? i don't. i'm really proud with how far i've come in making healthier decisions 95% of the time that i'm okay with a donut every once in a while (or a cookie, or coconut milk ice cream). plus, it's fun to get donuts with landon - he gets so excited! 

also, claire is basically cruising all over the place and i am so not ready for that. and i'm in the thick of party planning for landon's THIRD BIRTHDAY party which is in 18 days. it's been so much fun and also so sad because it means my baby is growing up even more and can i just go cry in the corner now?! i feel like all of my blog posts are these huge long posts about anything and everything we've been doing in one post but what can you do? i'm sure one of these days i'll get back to some other sort of posts but who knows. anyway, i hope you get some nice weather wherever you are and get to enjoy it because i'm stuck with rain here the rest of the week! 

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