03.20.14 | NOW

well, it was only a matter of time before that stomach bug that everyone keeps talking about made it's way into our house. landon has been the only casualty thus far, and we're hoping it stays that way. it hit him all of a sudden yesterday afternoon and of course, caught him completely by surprise. what followed was a lot of crying (from both kids), a lot of dirty towels and sheets and clothes, daddy coming home a little bit early from work, me and claire going to the store for some much needed pedialyte, jell-o, 7-up and chicken noodle soup in the shape of cars. the necessities. 

the nastiness subsided by about 630? and then it was just a lot of cuddles and yawning and sitting by the puke bowl. he promptly fell asleep as soon as he climbed into bed and slept the entire night (with a couple of wakings where he woke up but wasn't really awake, thanks nightmares). he seems to be in good spirits today, watching lots of cartoons, playing games on the ipad, eating pretzels and drinking his "medicine juice". we're happy to see the sun, bummed we're stuck inside, but hoping it sticks around for a while. 

some more stuff happening now:

//claire is into EVERYTHING. crawling everywhere, pulling herself up on things, cruising a teeny bit, stopping for a split second when someone says no but then finishing what she started. 

//i got my rings resized and tightened back in december. i hadn't worn them since i was pregnant with landon and figured i would never wear them again the size they were so i finally just did it. well, apparently that was the worst idea. now that i'm only one pound away from my goal weight, my rings are super loose. ugh. like right now, i can't even type out a sentence without them sliding around on my finger, to where they aren't even on top of my hand anymore. it's super frustrating and i'm irritated that i'm going to have to pay another 75$ to get them sized back down. (but also happy because yay! i'm getting smaller again!)

//ten days until we go to vegas! i'm sooooo ready for a vacation. and sooooo anxious about leaving the kids. and sooooo looking forward to soaking up all sorts of sun for five days.

//i've been a party-planning fool lately. ordering things left and right, coming up with more ideas to add to the party. it's SO MUCH FUN. as much as i don't want to admit that my little guy is growing up and will be THREE in 24 short days, i'm really looking forward to celebrating with him and seeing his face when the house is all decorated. being a mom rocks.

//so i haven't watched justified in two seasons because last season we didn't have tv and so i didn't start this season because why would i? but i've been recording this current season. for my birthday this year i was given some cash so naturally, i went and bought season four of justified. i've been rewatching the series and just finished season two. oh my gosh. i loooove this show. SO GOOD.

//another show i'm obsessed with: scandal. seriously though, WHAT THE HECK JUST HAPPENED? 

//and another: the tonight show with jimmy fallon. i pretty much love jimmy fallon and we've been watching every single episode because obviously, it's hilarious. 

//seems like all i do is watch tv with those last three bullet points but i don't! i swear. i do a lot of play dough and puzzles and go fish and choo-choo trains and making bottles and breakfast/lunch/dinner and laundry and gosh, the list goes on and on. c;

anddddd..i think that's about it. i could reeeeally go for a donut right about now. 

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