03.17.14 | OUR WEEKEND

a slightly creepy picture but a fun moment had with my kids

this last weekend we had what i felt was our first taste of spring. during the week prior, we had a day or two where it was so nice we actually got to go on a walk in the evening to a nearby park, without jackets! and then today, it's overcast again and slightly chilly and windy and bleh again. 

but we had a good weekend! friday started off pretty stressful for me. claire was getting into anything and everything and landon was upset with claire for always trying to get to his toys and he kept asking me the same question over and over and over again and i just wanted to pull my hair out!! but then that afternoon, claire took an almost two hour nap and landon fell asleep in his room, too! i was able to shower in peace, watch an episode of justified (i'm rewatching seasons two and three because i just got season four for my birthday!), eat a snack alone and just relax. it was so so nice. and then my dad took us out to dinner where BOTH kids were amazing. landon ate his entire meal, which is a rarity these days, and i wore a pair of pants that i haven't worn since i bought them forever ago. and they were big on me. 

then saturday we got the house all cleaned up, i did some last minute shopping, and we had a nice little barbecue here with my sister and her fiancĂ©, my brother, and a couple of their friends who are going to vegas the same time we are. since we'll probably spend quite a bit of time together while we're there, it only seemed right to actually meet before we got there. we played a little craps together and then three rounds of cranium, in which the girls beat the guys, two to one. sweet victory! 

sunday we realized we're getting old and can no longer stay up super late and get up early with the kids and not be dead by 6pm. c: i had a fun little day with a friend of mine helping make some wedding favors for her (i'm her matron of honor) and after dinner, we counted the minutes until it was time for the kids to go to bed. shortly after that, we also climbed into bed and were able to sleep ALL NIGHT, until six this morning when claire woke up to eat (her only time she woke up, and it was glorious). she ate, went back to sleep, and so did i, for almost two more hours. 

i'm keeping my fingers crossed the rain stays away this week and the sun comes back. it was so nice soaking up that vitamin d. oh, and happy saint patrick's day!

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