when landon was born, i was obviously a new mom and unsure of everything that i would choose to do for him in regards to raising a child. with claire, i've been through everything once so i had some set ideas on what we would do with her regarding sleep, feeding, and all of the other general things you do with kids. each kid is different though, and so different choices were made. 

i did not have plans on co-sleeping with claire, at all, but we did. and then when none of us were getting any sleep because of it, we had to sleep-train her which was the hardest thing i have done thus far with my kids. luckily for us, she's doing great now (except for the nights she's teething) and i am very happy with our decision.

landon ate a lot of pre-made baby food from the grocery store. with claire, i'm making it all by hand (thanks ashley for the baby bullet!) and i'm so happy with it. sure, she gets those little puff things and some mum-mums and i might even buy some store-bought stuff at some point but ultimately, it's all homemade and organic. and i'm so so proud of myself for it.

with landon, he was breastfed and supplemented with formula from the very start. he was great with a bottle from the very first time and never had any sort of confusion between the breast and a bottle. it was a gradual process of weaning and really, i left it up to him when he wanted to stop nursing completely and that was at about 14-15 months old. this last month we had to get claire to drink from a bottle because we are leaving for vegas in just 14 days (!!) and obviously, she needed to get it figured out. she went almost three entire days of drinking absolutely nothing, just eating some solids here and there, before she finally gave in and took a bottle. it was such a relief to know that she would take a bottle. once she was taking a bottle regularly, i asked myself if i wanted to continue nursing her, or not. i mean, i had always planned on taking the pump along with me to vegas and pumping every four hours in order to keep my supply up for when we came back home but it wasn't something i was looking forward to. and i was always concerned that claire wouldn't want to nurse when i got back and that it would have been a huge waste of time and energy. after A LOT of soul-searching and talking with justin for a few weeks, i've finally come to the decision to wean claire. it's not a decision that i made lightly and i do wonder if it is the right decision but ultimately, i think it's best all around. i nursed her exclusively for six months, and introduced a bottle at seven months (with formula as well). 

being a mom, there is so much mom-guilt that you put on yourself. it's the worst, really. and i don't know about you, but i compare myself to other moms out there way too much. and that's just not okay. so, i'm going to be happy with my decisions that i've made and i'm not going to let myself feel guilty anymore. landon is a happy, healthy, well-adjusted almost three-year-old and claire is a happy, healthy, well-adjusted eight-month-old. i've made the decisions that are right for our family, and i'm going to stand behind them. c:


  1. aww - mom guilt SUCKS. It's really the worst. (Says this mom who is letting her kids entertain themselves in the playroom, while guilt-lessly sitting at my computer at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee. ;)) So glad for you that she is taking the bottle now and sleeping better too!! YAYY!! If you want to come sleep train Asher, you're more than welcome to it. ;) (I WISH. I'd pay someone to do that crap. lol)

    1. sleep training is seriously the worst. it's so so tough and seems to take FOREVER. praying that he finally "gets it" and you all get some sleep.

  2. Lacey - for whatever it is worth, I thought I'd let you know that I was not able to breast feed Emily. I wanted to, but couldn't. She seems to have turned out OK - a well adjusted young lady. And in fact, Emily has been one of the healthiest people I know. She has hardly ever been sick... from day 1 to now.
    It is easy to get caught in the idea that there is a perfect way to do things. I don't think that there is. Don't lose sight of the 'good' and 'just fine' way to do things. Don't worry about approval from others. The only approval you need is that of Justin and your kids. And they seem to be just fine!
    I am sure looking forward to seeing you and your fantastic family in July! Love ya! Sandy

    1. thanks sandy! i just have to remind myself that it doesn't matter what everyone else does with their kids, they're THEIR kids, not mine. and what we decide to do for landon and claire is what is in their (and our) best interests. we are so excited to see you too! july seems so close, and so far, away!


thanks for the input!