oh boy, seven months already?! i probably say this every month but HOW? how is she crawling, eating solid foods, sleeping alone in her crib, how?


claire, at seven months, is a fast little crawler! she gets where she wants to go, that's for sure. and when she's really excited about where she's going, she does this little jump-thing with her legs, tucks her head down, and takes off. it's adorable.

claire, at seven months, still loooooves sweet potatoes more than any other food. she's fond of peas, avocado and oatmeal, too. she had a rough night recently and we think it might be related to her eating broccoli that day so we're holding off on that for a little longer. and she is NOT a fan of cauliflower. 

claire, at seven months, is finally drinking from a bottle. both breastmilk and formula. it's such a relief, seeing as how we leave for vegas this month. it was a rough couple of days, with her not really drinking ANYTHING and i was starting to feel like a bad parent for planning on leaving her. but luckily, something clicked, and's drinking fine again. 

claire, at seven months, knows exactly when she's going to bed. she gets pretty fussy when we lay her down to change her into her overnight diaper and pj's and it's because she wants that last bit of milk before she goes down. 

claire, at seven months, is pretty interested in stories. for a short time, anyway.

claire, at seven months, tries to get to ripley as often as she can. it's a never-ending battle of picking her up and moving her away from ripley or ripley's bed. it's only a matter of time before she discovers his food and water dish. 

claire, at seven months, only wants to play with whatever landon is playing with at the time. it doesn't matter how many of her toys are strewn about the play area, if he's not playing with it, she's not interested. her toys of choice: hot wheels, "cars" cars and legos. basically anything with little pieces that can come off and choke her. because obviously, what would be the point of chewing on toys that are designed to chew on?!

claire, at seven months, is still wearing six-12 month clothing. it's almost time to buy her some new pj's. 

claire, at seven months, loves pacifiers. any kind, really, and she's happy. 

claire, at seven months, has quite the baby mullet. i've contemplated snipping it off and making her hair an even length but i just can't bring myself to do it. plus, it all fits into a ponytail now so that's cute. 

claire, at seven months, has five teeth and is working on two more. she can't catch a break, this girl.

this little lady of ours is pretty amazing, in every way. we love her so so so much. 

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