03.05.14 | SNACKS

for a while now, i've seen this thing called nature box making its rounds on the blogs i follow and popping up on facebook. one day casey was having a giveaway with nature box where you could win a six-month subscription (i think?). obviously, i entered, because it seemed like an amazing gift, but i decided to do some research on the product, too.

i clicked away and soon realized that i was seriously interested in the company. casey was also offering a 50% code for your first nature box and after texting justin for a bit, we decided to go ahead and try it. i mean, for $15 we could see what you actually got with a monthly subscription and if we weren't happy with it, then we were only out $15. 

we opted for the happy snacker box, which is five different snack choices of two bags each ($29.95 per month). we've been extremely satisfied with this decision. when we first got the box, we were a little unsure if we were going to be able to stretch the snacks out for an entire month but we did! (even a little longer because there was a little mishap on my end with an expired card and so we didn't get our second box as soon as normal.) there are so many choices of snacks - gluten conscious, vegan, lactose free, soy free, non gmo - it's amazing. you can filter the snacks by type, by diet restrictions or whatever, really. you can pick your own snacks out each month, or have nature box surprise you even! we chose to pick our own and we were pretty happy with our first selection that we kept it the same, minus one item we switched out. (you can also add on snacks in each box for an additional fee, something i may try out next month.)

all in all, for what you're getting, it's a really great price. the cost includes shipping, too, which is awesome. and i don't even have to think about snacks anymore when i go grocery shopping, other than fresh snacks like produce, etc.  
 ^^we let landon choose a snack from the options and he chose yogurt dipped pretzels. he gets pretty happy when he gets to have a "white pwetzel" at snack-time. c:
 ^^this is my choice (we each got to choose one alone and then agreed on the final two) and it is amazing. i love it on my oatmeal, sprinkled on top of my kashi cereal, with coconut milk ice cream or just by itself. it's so yummy.
 ^^landon's snack today: yogurt dipped pretzels, honey crunch crisps (he's not sure about those yet), santa fe corn stix and salted caramel pretzel pops (these are another fave). 
^^a somewhat sleepy boy, thoroughly enjoying his "sthacks". c;

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