02.27.14 | A 28TH BIRTHDAY

a delicious donut cake

so on monday, i turned 28. sheesh. the weekend was full of birthday celebrations, with game night on friday evening, my dad bringing the best chinese take-out and a homemade apple pie on saturday, justin's family over for snacks and my favorite types of donuts in the form of a cake on sunday, and dinner with some of the best friends you could have on monday. (the celebrating will continue on friday as some of my oldest friends are coming over for a girl's night and i can't wait.)

i'm one lucky lady, i tell ya. justin made me french toast on monday and then let me go upstairs and take a nap. and that nap turned into a three hour nap, oh my gosh. i had no intention of sleeping that long but i guess i needed it? i ended up with some very thoughtful gifts and a heart full of love for my family and loved ones. 

thank you to everyone that helped make me feel so incredibly special. love to you all. 

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